Tuesday, January 29, 2013

In the Beginning...

Dear Blogger Land,

I am writing this post as my first formal introduction to everyone out there in the Blogosphre (especially my fellow seamstress)...not sure if I can officially carry that title since I am a semi-self taught beginner who has only sewn a few items. Two of which are from paper patterns.

My first time with a sewing machine was very memorable. I was sixteen and very impressionable. It was a warm no wait cold...or was it hot?? Anyhoo, I do remember it was during eleventh grade home economics class where I set out to make my very own PILLOW PERSON....sigh. What is it you ask, well it is a pillow with a face, arms and legs. In my defense I did say that I was very impressionable, and I wanted to have one like Donna Joe Tanner (aka DJ from Full House). This pillow person seamed like a daunting task, but I did it!!! I cut out arms and legs that I had drawn and traced on fabric. The face was done by hand embroidery stitching along a tracing I did. She had long eyelashes, brown eyes and red lips (who does not like a girl/woman with red LipStick?). I was very proud of my work. So much so that she went off to college with me, we moved into our own apartment together. We only recently parted ways when Morgan, the puppy, had a little altercation with her...chicks! Sadly to say someone had to go. In Morgie's defense she claims she was provoked. 
sample Pillow Person (Not mine! This guy looks depressed lol)

Morgan The Great
As you can probably tell I was obsessed with my first piece. After she was created I did not sew from 2004-2010. I think its because she was so perfectly imperfect I believed I would never create any thing as enchanting ;-). My hiatus ended when all my friends stared having babies and I wanted to make something a little more personal that they would keep for a longtime. Something like my pillow person but not as awesome, sorry it cant be done. So I decided to make mini baby quilts. I had no idea where to begin. I did not even own a sewing machine. So I brought one, jumped on the internet and sewed four, perfectly imperfect, mini quilts  for the new mini people. Ps they were a hit with the mommies. My friends stopped having babies and my sewing stopped.

My first mini quilt with all its imperfections
In December 2012 the sewing flu hit me again!! This time the symptoms are garments and lots of them. Lets hope I do not recover to quickly and its a life long journey.
Yours Truly,

LipStick Seamstress


  1. Well, welcome abroad. There are plenty inspirations out there and plenty fellow sewists....to jolt you on your journey. Happy stitching...

    1. Thanks so very much AliceMarie for your kind words and for following me!! This has made my day :-)