Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Sewing Limbo...

Dear Blogg,

Is there such a thing as sewing purgatory?? If you ask me I would say YES. I am standing in the middle of it. It is filled with fallen ideas, and lots of incomplete projects.

My current Limbo status is directly related to the struggle between ordering things online for a GREAT deal and having to give up the pleasure convenience of shopping in store.  I have been waiting for what seems like months only a few days LOL, but too long for my liking for my supplies to come in from Cali and the BIG APPLE. Without those supplies I can not get my Fearless February Challenge under way.

For the love of sewing get me out of here!!!!!!!!!! Time is of the essence!

In other news, I made an infinity scarf  w/ fringe (FANCY). It was my first time sewing with jersey fabric. I can almost cross that of my sewing To Do list (to be explained in a future post).

Mini Fringe Infinity Scarf

See yah later.

Yours truly,

LipStick Seamstress


  1. Awwwww you poor thing! Waiting is definitely the hardest part. Hang in there!!!! When they come you'll probably be so excited that you'll get things done fast.

    1. Thanks… hopefully they get here by the weekend :-)

  2. Hi, glad to see you made good use of the time - great necklace. Looking forward to seeing what you make next, and what fabric you have been waiting for. I'm starting back sewing so out of practice, so I've joined the Fearless February challenge too - pop over and say Hi.

  3. I really like the infinity scarf! Did you roll the fabric or just pull it to make it form into rolls. The grey is so modern as well!