Friday, February 1, 2013

Sewing RED In February

Dear Blogsters,

It is February, also known as Heart Health month, so make sure you wear red!! As a healthcare professional with a family history of not so healthy ticker's this cause to very dear to me!!

It also means I will diving head first into my first sew-along hosted by Victoria aka Ten Thousand Hours of Sewing. My plan for this fearless sew-along is to sew my first dress maybe fully lined.

…Because I am a FEARLESS WOMAN WITH A STRONG HEART I will be using the following pattern:
Vogue V8648 ( I will be doing either the yellow or brown and purple style in the colour RED)
I must admit that I am nervous, but I plan to use that energy to be more vigilant during this learning process. On that note I am off to conquer my personal Goliath. Good luck to everyone on your sewing endeavours! Yours truly, LipStick Seamstress


  1. A fully lined dress---how exciting!!! Nice pattern. I know because you are "a fearless woman with a strong heart" (nicely said) this will be a GREAT learing experience for you. Wishing you all the BEST!!!!!

    1. Thank you for your kind words an also for this awesome Sew-along! I saw your list of projects and it gave me angina LOL. I look forward to being able to multi-task like you someday!!